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In 630 A.D. the Makkans attacked the Banu Khazaa', a tribe under Muslim protection, and thus violated the pact of Hudaibiya. The stricken tribe sought help from Holy Prophet. The Prophet demanded the Makkans to pay ransom for slains, to refrain from supporting the attackers and/or declare the cancellation of the pact of Hudaibiya. The Quraish did not respond rather gave the impression that they were no more interested in the pact. Disappointed with the behaviour of Quraish, the Holy Prophet led an army of 10,000 men towards the Makkah. Abu Sufiyan, the arch enemy of the Holy Prophet and Islam, offered his submission and apart from a minor clash no blood was shed. The Holy Prophet took the possession of the Holy Ka'aba and his birthplace in placid triumph. Makkah, the heart of Arabia now lay before the Prophet. The power of the Quraish had been broken once for all. Instead of being vindictive the Holy Prophet forgave his enemies. He demolished the idols of the Ka'aba and dedicated the Building afresh to the worship of the one true Allah. He restored the keys of the Sacred House back to the hereditary keepers and told the people to come there in peace. This conduct delighted the Makkans and they considered this generosity of the Holy Prophet the height of nobility and came forward to enter this astonishing religion which turned enemity into love.

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