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CONQUEST OF AFRICA (662-675 & 682-683 CE)

Uqbah ibn Nafi, who had already proved his military skills under the command of Amr ibn al-As, was entrusted with conquest of Ifriquiya. He conquered Tunisia and made Qairawan his permanent camp in 670 wherefrom he struck across the central Plateau, pushed beyond the Atlas, reached the coast of Tangier and turning South reached Morocco. He then took to South with the course of river Sus, upto the point where it falls into Atlantic. He spurred his horse into the weaves of Atlantic raising his lance aloft and calling Allah to witness that he had kept his oath to carry Islam to the extreme limits of the world. Uqbah built the Qairawan as city having residential quarters for Mujahideen and also a large Jamia Mosque. Thus Uqbah is rightly revered by historians to this day as the Founder of Muslim Africa. While on his return journey from expedition, Uqbah divided his troops into small detachments to reach back. He decided to travel with a weak escort when he was surrounded by native Berber rebels and Uqbah died fighting in 683.

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